People are at the heart of everything we do.

Our People

We believe in a holistic approach to embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion that encompasses every area of our organization.

If you were to ask anyone at American Greetings what they liked most about their job, chances are they would respond, “the people.” That’s a point of pride for us.

As a company, we work to cultivate a dynamic workplace that welcomes a diversity of talents, backgrounds, and perspectives. We believe that having a vibrant, varied culture and a positive presence in the community empowers all of us to make a difference in the marketplace and demonstrates how much we care about consumers and connections.

To learn more, please read “Connections for Good” – our Environmental, Social, and Governance report.

Employee Resource Networks

Employee Resource Networks (ERNs) give associates a space to find and foster connections, support, and community. Our ERNs are active in hosting events, sponsoring cultural celebrations, leading philanthropic activities and influencing product content.

African American Resource Network Logo

African American Resource Network

We promote professional development among African American associates and serve as a resource to promote and retain talent within American Greetings through relationships and career growth.

Green Team

We work to minimize the carbon footprint of American Greetings by identifying opportunities to operate more sustainably. We aim to create positive change on an individual level by inspiring associates to lead more sustainable lifestyles.

Hispanic Resource Network

We empower, support and promote leadership among Hispanic associates at American Greetings and work to create a more inclusive environment through activities that celebrate and showcase Hispanic culture.   

Military & Veteran Resource Network

Together, we promote a culture of diversity and inclusion, harnessing our military service background and interest in military/veteran affairs to engage our fellow associates, community, and consumers. Through continual learning, development, and engagement, we foster a military/veteran-friendly culture that enhances the work environment for current and potential associates.

Parents Resource Network

Parents Resource Network

We’re the space at American Greetings where parents make new connections and add tools to their parenting/grandparenting  toolbox. We work to create a sense of success at both work and home by helping to alleviate the stresses of working parents. 



We support the comfort, wellbeing, and productivity of American Greetings associates who belong to the LGBTQIA+ community and provide support and encouragement to associates whose family, friends, or colleagues identify as LGBTQIA+.   

Women's Leadership Council

Women’s Leadership Council

We empower women at American Greetings as leaders and influence corporate growth through professional development, connections, and community relations.   

Young Professionals Resource Network

We inspire positivity, creativity, and professional growth for early career talent at American Greetings through professional development, community service and networking opportunities.