American Greetings Unveils A #DEVICELIKENOOTHER At CES

CLEVELAND, OH–(Marketwired – January 05, 2017) – Since 1992, American Greetings has been pioneering digital products in the social expressions industry to offer consumers innovative, modern ways to make meaningful connections. Today marks the 111-year-old greeting card company’s first appearance at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to unveil a #DeviceLikeNoOther.

While it may not be shocking that the #DeviceLikeNoOther is a greeting card, it may shock some to refer to a paper card as “technology.” The goal of the American Greetings Connection Hub at CES is to demonstrate that a greeting card is one of the most-powerful messaging devices on the planet, and that the right occasion calls for the right technology. In today’s well-connected world, we can share unprecedented amounts of information at the touch of a button – but when it comes to making a connection in a meaningful way, nothing replaces a hand-written card.

American Greetings has enlisted actor, author and humorist Nick Offerman to help introduce a #DeviceLikeNoOther and Randi Zuckerberg, New York Times best-selling author and founder of Zuckerberg Media, to discuss the importance of cultivating personal relationships and the role of the right technology for the right occasion.

“I was sincerely honored to be asked to represent the venerated sentiment-delivery system known as the greeting card by American Greetings,” said Offerman. “In my family, we rely on cards to signify moments of great magnitude as well as just simple affection, a warm practice I am happy to share with my fellow Americans.”

The unveiling with Offerman will take place Thursday, January 5, at noon PST in a briefing-style event, and the meaningful connections live chat and Q&A with Zuckerberg will be held on Friday, January, 6 at 3:00 p.m. PST.

“In this fast-paced world, the most valuable thing you can give someone is your time and creative energy,” said Zuckerberg. “No matter how high-tech we are, there is truly nothing like receiving a handwritten card and it is one of the few things in my life where I can say ‘there’s no app for that.’ That’s why I’m so thrilled to be partnering with American Greetings to remind people that tech is wonderful, but sometimes you need to unplug in order to truly connect.”

Both events will be co-hosted by Alex Ho, Executive Director of Marketing for American Greetings, at the American Greetings Connection Hub, located at Central Plaza CP-5.

“Some people may think that instant digital messaging has replaced handwritten expression, like digital cameras did for film,” said Ho. “But consumers are now seeking ways to connect more meaningfully and differently with the people that matter most, which is why our category remains stable alongside the rise of smartphones, messaging apps and social media. American Greetings is at CES to celebrate that coexistence with digital technology.”

In addition to the interactive talks and demonstrations, the American Greetings Connection Hub offers CES attendees the opportunity to customize limited-edition CES greeting cards with the help of special guests Offerman, Zuckerberg and American Greetings illustrators and writers. Guests can also create a 30-second shareable video of the card writing process to send a friend or with a stranger to brighten their day.

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