Make a Summer ‘Bucket List’

(June 2012) Summer has just begun and while everyone goes running for the outdoors, our brains fill with grandiose ideas of how we will spend these long days in the sun. But just as the season appears as if out of nowhere, the cool breezes of autumn appear just as quickly and we’re all left wondering, “Where’d the time go?”

Stay on track by creating a summer bucket list of must-do ideas so that your summer stays action-packed and filled with memorable experiences.

  • Look locally: Take a look at your state and local visitor’s bureau to see if there are local attractions that you’ve never been to before. The community calendar section of your local newspaper is also a great place to start. Sometimes just the next town over can offer a new experience or a little-known piece of local history.
  • Water fun: Summer is much more than lounging by the pool. Check out local lakes or try a new watersport like kayaking or windsurfing if it’s available in your area.
  • Nurture nature: So not everyone may be ready to tackle an entire weekend camping, but even just going on a hike in a local park is a great way to connect with nature. Many park systems also offer summer programs and guided tours, so take advantage and use nature as an outdoor classroom.
  • Seasonal eats: Give your regular menu rotation a fresh start with some fun summer recipes featuring locally grown fresh fruits and veggies. Shop a local farmer’s market or if you’re super ambitious, grow your own! If space is scarce, a small potted herb garden is still very manageable and a good project for a beginning gardener.
  • Summer favorites:  Some things just go hand-in-hand with summer—going to a drive-in movie, getting ice cream, hosting a lemonade stand, and having a picnic or cook out. Keep a running list in an easily accessible place, like the refrigerator, so that you can add to it as things pop into your head.

When you’re all done collecting your ideas, you can either put them together on a check list or write them on individual slips of paper and pull them from a jar if you’re feeling spontaneous!

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