Ways to Stretch Your Creativity (and Budget) for Kid’s Birthday Parties

(June 2012) With the ever-flowing fountain of creativity shared by parents in blogs and social networking websites like Pinterest, kid’s birthday parties have become more crafty than ever before. While increasing the originality, mom and dad are always looking for simple ways to add fun to the party while also saving some time, and a few dollars.  And it just so happens that one affordable and convenient way to add style to any celebration is actually right at your birthday planning fingertips.

Since you likely already have an abundance of wrap, bags, accessories and party ware why not use the materials in fun new ways? In addition to their typical uses, these items can also help to add style to any party with just a hint of your own creativity.

  • Welcome to the party: Get the party started early by decorating your front yard to let guests know they are in the right place. Balloons and streamers are always welcome, but you can also use some offbeat ideas to get guests in the mood. One idea is to create a fun path to the front door by cutting paper plates into the shape of pinwheels and have them spinning, or use party cups as faux luminaries by filling them with sand and lining them up to the door.
  • Fun banners: Rather than buying craft paper and decorating it, purchase a simple designed wrap or even use plates with favorite characters on them. Cut your wrap into fun shapes, or cut out the beloved character, and link the pieces together with string to create a festive pennant banner. 
  • A fresh take on centerpieces: Fresh flowers make a beautiful centerpiece, but they can be costly. Get the beauty without the cost by creating simple flower bouquets out of tissue paper.  Just shape the paper into bloom and put attractive color combinations together in any vase.
  • Placing it just right: Whether you need to find something appropriate for a specific theme (such as a favorite character or color) or are just looking for a beautiful pattern, cut wrap into matching squares and place them under each place setting to make your plates really stand out. You can also create innovative silverware holders to match.
  • Wrap any menu in style: If you are looking for fun and ease in one step, find a wrap that fits your other pieces and use it as a tablecloth. It’s more impressive than the usual disposable tablecloth, but just as easy and convenient. Keep it secure by painting simple clothespins and attaching at either end.
  • Simple touches: The most important part of carrying out any great theme is making sure it’s consistent. No matter what your party is focused on, you can keep the theme alive everywhere through simple things such as creating a border around mirrors in puffy stickers (which are easier to remove), or even just using balloons or streamers to line every entrance.

Thinking outside of the box (literally) can make the next birthday party the easiest and best yet. For more ideas on how to coordinate a great celebration for your kids, check out our tips piece on different themes you can utilize. 

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