Making your office even more efficient

(February 2011) – We often don’t consider our work days as part of our efforts to live a more sustainable lifestyle – and with good reason. We’re all very busy during our days and it’s challenging to even get everything done, let alone save the earth in the process. Who has time for all that?

Understanding how challenging this can be, we thought we’d offer some very easy tips that you can turn into practice to make your eight-hour days even more productive for you and the environment.

  • Think twice: Make an effort to reduce printing and photocopying by thinking before you hit that button. You can also save by setting your printers to print double sided (you can also do this when formatting your print job).

  • A simple push of a button: Be sure to press the energy or power saver button after making copies or retrieving your prints. This will save energy and takes only a second to do.

  • Power down: As opposed to leaving your computer on at the end of the day, make sure to shut it off so that you can reduce the energy consumption over night.

  • Junk junk mail: Review your mail and determine any publications or other frequent mail that you typically just discard. Get in touch with the sender to get your name off of their list. Go to for help.

  • Make recyclying a regular practice: If your company has an active recycling program be sure to take advantage of it by sorting your garbage. It’s easy enough to do and can lead to significant savings over time.

These are a few of the ways you can incorporate environmentally practices into your workdays, and we’d love to hear some more. Have any ideas? Let us know on Facebook.

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