Home remedies for going green

(February 2011) – Getting your family to share your enthusiasm for making environmentally friendly decisions can be challenging at first. But, the easier you make things the better, and we have some great tips for how you can encourage your whole clan to get in on the action.

From the simple to the simply astounding, here are tips and insights that will help to get everyone in the act.

  • Less dishes to wash, energy to waste: Run your dishwasher only when full. This is actually preferable to washing dishes by hand multiple times a day as it reduces water consumption. And anyway, who wants to wash all those dishes?

  • Cold savings: When washing clothes use cold water. This saves energy…. and colors, which everyone in the house will definitely appreciate as their clothes stay as vibrant as the day they bought them.

  • Recycle down your trash: By recycling, your regular trips to the garbage with heavy, over-flowing bags will become less and less. Put a different colored bag on your kitchen door handle or invest in another smaller wastebasket to collect cans and bottles. You can also start a section for papers.

  • Efficient and organized: Use power strips for your electronic equipment and be sure to shut off the power strips when the equipment is not in use. Not shutting the power strip off and only shutting off the appliance still consumes energy. The power cords also make your appliance-heavy areas more organized.

  • Cover up: Cover pots and pans when cooking to maximize energy. Covering your cooking utensils will also help to prepare your meals more quickly, meaning you can get everything on the table and into their stomachs even faster.

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