Spending Time With Mom on Mother’s Day

(April 2012) - Each Mother’s Day we all scramble and rack our brains to think of the perfect gift to declare our love for mom. But oftentimes, the greatest gift of all is just the gift of your time and attention. Here are a few fun ideas on things you can do to show mom you care this Mother’s Day.

  • Pull out the old family albums and do some scrapbooking together! It’ll be a fun trip down memory lane and mom will probably get to share some stories that you’ve never heard before.

  • Take a class together on something your mom has always wanted to learn how to do, whether it be quilting, painting, cooking, or dance. She’ll love the company and you may find a new favorite hobby to do together.

  • Give back to the community by volunteering together at a local women’s shelter or holding your own clothing/food drive.

  • Book a family photo shoot. Sometimes it takes someone taking the reins and getting everyone together for a professional family photograph—this year, be that person for mom! She’ll treasure the photos and love having a nice picture of her family to proudly display in her home.

  • Plant a small herb garden or urn of flowers for the front doorstep. You’ll enjoy the time together and mom will have a bountiful reminder of her special day all summer long.

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