Finding the Perfect Words for Dad on Father’s Day

(May 2012) – It’s a relationship often built upon understood appreciation and humor rather than overt displays of thanks and heartfelt sentiments, but Father’s Day is the one time of year when we all tell dad just how wonderful he is. The best way to express those feelings that can be hard to share with words is with a card, and the key to including a message that will truly mean something is to focus on all of his great qualities and your relationship together.  

Still stumped on what to include inside that appropriately fancy card? Here are some thought starters to get you going:

  • He may not seem like it, but every dad is a softy. Yes, yours too. One of the best ways to let him know how much he means to you is reflecting on some of the small moments you’ve shared together. Rather than thanking him for the big things (you know: life, healthcare, shelter, food, etc.) share a random memory that he may have forgotten. Whether it’s a little lesson he offered that you’ve always remembered or one of the many times he made you feel great about yourself, sharing a small, shared moment reminds him of how many there have been.
  • Don’t be afraid to be funny! Too often we think that the inclusion of a joke makes the message less meaningful. We all like to kid around with dad and including a well-intended rib lets him know that he’s the one guy that can always make you laugh while reminding him where you get your great sense of humor from.
  • Put yourself in his shoes. If you’re a parent yourself, think about the words your own child could share that would make your day. If you’re not yet a mom or dad, think about what kind of message your dad might include in a card to you that would have you brimming with pride. Both reflections are sure to conjure up memories and inspiration.
  • When all else fails, ask mom. No one knows dear old dad better than mom, and gaining some insights and stories from her might just inspire you…or at least give you some added material to work with in your quest to shower him with praise. 
  • If you’re still looking for the right words, try this: think of your dad and the very first word that pops into your head to describe what kind of father he is. Got it? Now take that and use it as the basis for your message. You can tell him that the one word that you think of when you think of him is….and then elaborate by adding details that are unique to experiences you’ve shared.  
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