Fall Wedding Ideas: Ensuring the Perfect Menu for All

(September 2011) – Weddings are one of the most special and memorable times in a person’s life. From the dress and the décor, to the music played and the food served, a wedding is not only a representation of two people in love, but a demonstration of their style and creativity as well. And for those planning fall weddings (and we know there are many of you as September and October are now the two most popular months for ceremonies) the autumn offers wonderful options to personalize any aspect of your special day.

The wedding meal is a delicious decision but can be overwhelming to plan. Ensure your guests’ tummies are happily filled with some of these festive suggestions.

  • Substitute Salad for a Seasonally Inspired Soup: During the chilly autumn evenings a popular alternative for a first course can be a warm and hearty soup dish. Spice it up by serving squash bisque in a little pumpkin or going with unique seasonal flavors like pumpkin and roasted chestnut soup or a butternut squash with crumbly blue cheese.

  • Seasonal Appetizers: Some festive seasonal appetizers include roasted walnuts and pumpkin seeds, crab cakes, and pairing aged cheeses with figs and grapes.

  • A Fall Feast: Create a full bodied feast with options such as roasted chicken, salmon and potatoes. Be even more adventurous with the main dish by selecting options such as lamb, veal or buffalo. Another festive fall favorite are potpies filled with chicken, carrots, turnips, onions, leeks and other seasonal vegetables.

  • Drink and Be Merry: Serve a special drink to enhance the autumn feel and fun. Examples include everything from a caramel appletini, spiked warm apple cider to pumpkin lattes.

  • A Thankful Rehearsal: Consider having a Thanksgiving dinner themed rehearsal dinner. This incredible feast of turkey, stuffing, baked ham, mashed potatoes, veggies and biscuits will leave your guests full and warm. Have guests share what they are thankful for in regards to the bride and groom as you relax after the meal.

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