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Intimate Grandeur Exhibit at American Greetings Gallery W Showcases individual perception of the world through artwork

The newest exhibit at Gallery W, the public art gallery located on the ground floor of American Greetings Creative Studios world headquarters, distinctively captures three artists’ perception of the world through their works, with a connection of Nature as a theme and influence.

Titled “Intimate Grandeur,” the show celebrates three contemporary artists: Bruce Checefsky, Marilyn Farinacci and Freddy Hill. The art will be on display from Thursday, March 29, through Friday, May 11, 2018. The public is welcome at the opening reception from 5 - 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 29, 2018.

Statements from the artists:

Bruce Checefsky
Bruce Checefsky is a photographer and independent filmmaker. He uses a modified photoscanner which he invented to produce images taken from his garden in downtown Cleveland. To achieve these remarkable photographs, Checefsky devised a unique system of recording flowers and plants with the photoscanner mounted to a tripod and connected to a laptop computer which he carries with him into the garden; a long extension cord provides the power for the scanner. The photoscans are filtered through Photoshop to adjustment tone, contrast, and color. Each image is a detailed, one of a kind rendering of the sophisticated forms and textures found in nature.”

Marilyn Farinacci
The overarching phases of my work through the years dealt with different approaches to how one may observe nature; such as: reflections (on glass or water) suggesting a layering effect; photo images zooming in too close losing details and partly hiding what lies beneath; or how digital pixels can disintegrate subjects and shift one’s attention to the space. All of this has led me to my present objective, which is making space the subject itself.
I approach this by painting multiple layers of paint drips which act as curtains separating space into plains that contain ambiguous forms and hand drawn lines. In some paintings the layers over layers of drips sometimes obliterates what lies in the separated spaces, but the underlying elements add an energized contrast to the otherwise spatial structure. Then there are other paintings showing intrusive forms and lines unbound in space which has another kind of energy.

While working on this series, intuition plays an important role. It is the intuitive aspect that takes the painting in new unexplored directions, while retaining the emphasis on seeing space.”

Freddy Hill
“I use the natural colors of varying domestic woods to highlight simple yet functional forms, always allowing the wood to take center stage. I find beauty in the process, in the decision making, in the editing. These pieces are built slowly by design. My goal as a craftsman is to pay tribute to an absolutely inspiring natural material and remind people that time, like trees, is precious.”

Please visit the Gallery W website for the hours the gallery is open, information about upcoming shows and more. For more art, inspiration and peeks behind the scenes, you can also follow Gallery W on Instagram.

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